Vendor Spotlight: Peterson Craftsman Meats

Chowgirls uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and opts for organic products whenever possible. Our ingredients, sourced from 51 main local farms and other purveyors, travel an average of 37.5 miles to get to our kitchen. It allows us to foster trusting and meaningful relationships with our farmers and vendors. Fresh, local, and seasonal are three […]

Chowgirls Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Bring new life to a classic holiday HOST GENEROUSLY Thanksgiving is a time to welcome others into our homes. In addition to your usual roster,  consider including guests who don’t have a celebration of their own. Host an icebreaker activity or two to set the tone and introduce folks who might not yet be acquainted. […]

5 Steps For Your Business to Reduce Waste the Chowgirls Way

Waste diversion is something your business can start working on right away. It’s okay to start small. Even one waste-sorting station helps reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills.  Check out these 5 simple steps your business can take to start reducing your carbon footprint. Supply Waste Sorting Stations   Clear signage and proper bins […]

Leading the Way in Sustainable Catering and Events

Chowgirls Killer Catering is a women-owned, award-winning Minneapolis catering company delivering good taste via sustainable, approachable fare and thoughtful hospitality. We pride ourselves in leading the way in seasonal fare, thoughtful hospitality, standout experiences, and sustainable solutions. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword we like to throw around. It has been rooted in our identity from […]