Vendor Spotlight: Peterson Craftsman Meats

Chowgirls uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and opts for organic products whenever possible. Our ingredients, sourced from 51 main local farms and other purveyors, travel an average of 37.5 miles to get to our kitchen. It allows us to foster trusting and meaningful relationships with our farmers and vendors. Fresh, local, and seasonal are three components we feel are essential to creating great food.

We have an especially good relationship with Peterson Craft Meats in Osceola, Wisconsin, just 44 miles from the Chowgirls kitchen. The Peterson family has been farming in the St. Croix Valley for 5 generations, and passing down their heritage and knowledge is a core value of their business. They raise and market uniquely-bred livestock with a focus on quality, animal care, and environmental stewardship.Our culinary team recently toured the Peterson Farm; they loved getting out of the city and seeing how the animals grow. 

“We believe in raising livestock as nature intended – taking what the land gives while not taking it for granted. We aim to build the soils of the Valley with organic matter and recycle nutrients through crop rotation and rotational grazing.” – Peterson Craftsman Meats

“We love working with Peterson. It’s such a family-run business. You’ll see Andy out there working with his livestock and he’s also the one who delivers the meat to our kitchen. You really see the way they care about their animals.” -Ari Baker-Kern, Chowgirls Chef de Cuisine

“The reason we choose Peterson Craftsman Meats is their commitment to sustainability and the quality of their product. Their focus on the treatment of their animals and their land is important to them and us. Andy is a valuable partner to Chowgirls and we are proud to serve his product to our guests.” -Liz Mullen, Chowgirls Executive Chef

Chowgirls offers the employee benefit of purchasing food at cost, allowing staff affordable access to the wonderful products we source. “This past December, I ordered beef tenderloin from the kitchen to cook up for Christmas dinner. It’s such a great benefit being able to get the amazing products Chowgirls uses at an affordable cost and it was so fun to have my family try some of the food we get to work with every day.” -Ann Jacobson,  Chowgirls Senior Events Specialist 

We’re lucky to have wonderful

partners who share our values of caring for the planet to bring amazing products to the plates of our guests.

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